2023-24 Competition Cheer Team Dates - Cedar Teams

Jeanine Nielson

Here are the Competition Cheer dates for this upcoming season!

Mark Your Calendar 2023-2024


Summer Practices Begin                                             June 5th

Fees Due- June installment $100                                 June 10th

Summer Break- NO PRACTICE                                     Month of July- (tumbling classes are

                                                                                           still available, but option al in July)

Fees Due- July installment $100                                   July 10th

Summer Practices Resume                                          August 7th

Fees Due- August installment $100                              August 10th

Safety Clinic- Northern Utah                                           August 12th

Cheer Camp                                                                    August 25th- 26th

Uniform Fittings                                                            August 21st

Labor Day- NO PRACTICE                                           September 4th  

Fees Due- September installment $100                       September 10th

Fall Break- NO PRACTICE                                              October 20th-23rd  

Remaining Fees Due- Cost TBD                                   October 10th

Talon Craft Fair                                                                 Nov. 18th

Thanksgiving Holiday- NO PRACTICE                           November 21st- 26th  

High School Practicum- tentative performance          Nov/Dec Date TBA

Pink Christmas                                                                  Date TBA- usually early December

Winter Recital                                                              December 12th

Winter Break- NO PRACTICE                                        December 13th -January 2nd

Practices Resume                                                         January 3rd 2024

MLK Holiday- WE WILL PRACTICE                                 January 15th, 2024

Local Performances- CVHS and CHS                            February and March (dates given to               

                                                                           you as soon as we get them from the schools)

Presidents Day- NO PRACTICE                                     February 19th  2024

Practicum (Northern Utah)                                            February 24th 2024

*Potential Competition                                                    March 16th- Central Spirit Rally- if we do this, they would practice March 13th

March 9th 2024                                                                  Mountain Spirit Classic- Location TBA

March 23rd 2024                                                                Southern Spirit Jam- (Southern Utah)

April 13th 2024                                                                    Best of the West Regionals (State)

Spring Break- NO PRACTICE                                        April 1st- 5th 2024

Cheer Showcase (Recital)                                           May 13th or 14th 2024 (keep both                    

                                                                                                                                dates open)