Classes Starting Aug. 28th- Reminder letter sent out to parents

Jeanine Nielson

Hey everyone, we are so excited to get a new year started! Here are a couple of reminders for you all:

* Be sure to have the Sportsengine App that you were prompted to get when you registered your child.  This is where you will find all of your information for the upcoming year. You'll need to access that app through my website (not the app store) so it takes you to your account with the Studio.   

* Get to know the app- The Events tab (click on the three lines in the upper corner) has all the dates you will need to know for the season.  So far, it has all the school/studio/gym holidays, any performances that I am aware of and recital dates for the entire year on there.  If you wonder if they have classes, or have questions about performance dates, "EVENTS" is the tab you want to check. The events tab is more of a calendar type info with basic information and dates. 

The "NEWS" tab is your other source of information- this one is similar to what I have posted on my blog in previous years.  This will be taking place of the blog completely this year.  I will post monthly information at the first of every month so you all know what is coming up.  

Under the News tab- the "Shoe day/what to wear to class post has all of the information about dance shoes, what style to order for each class and dress code/suggested clothing to wear for each class.  

*The billing simluator is where you can see what items have been posted to your account.  You may need to hit the "Past 30 days" button and it will give you an option to see the past 90 days or the lifetime of the account.  Here you can see what was posted, if it was a charge, a credit, a payment, etc...  Please check here first, then if you have questions regarding something that is on the account in sportsengine, please contact me.  A lot of times people will see something posted to their bank account and contact me with questions.  But most often you can find the info in your billing simulator.  

*Check your child's classes- As we get going, there has been a lot of set up that goes into setting up everyone's accounts.  Please check the number of hours that your child is attending and be sure that matches with the number of hours in your "billing hub".  If they are different, you will not be getting billed properly.  Please lmk asap if you find a discrepency so I can fix it BEFORE charges post.  You will find this under "classes" in your child's account. 

* All tuition charges post to your sportsengine account on the 1st day of every month.  Those on autopay will then process on the 10th of every month- this means you have 9 days to review the charges on your account and lmk if there are mischarges etc... as long as I know by the 9th of each month, I can fix it before it processes to your bank. After that, it is more of a process to change/refund. etc...

If you are not on autopay, tuition is due by the 10th of each month. Students with accounts that are 1 month past due will not be permitted to participate in class so please keep current and up to date.  

All Costumes and cheer uniforms will be due on October 10th.  I am still getting costume catalogs so costs for your child's costumes will not post until the end of September (as I don't know them yet). I prepay all costumes and uniforms.  This is upwards of $25K-30K per season, I have to receive payment on time or there will be a charge reflecting the % rate on my credit card for your child's items.  Please plan accordingly for those.  I am simply unable to purchase items for your child and wait for a later date to get payment on them.  What is $75 or $150 on your account is X 300 students for me.  Please plan ahead for October 10th on those payments. I very much appreciate your consideration in this matter.  

Here are the stores for our cheer and dance gear.  They do say that the jackets are required (this is applicable to dance and cheer Competition teams ONLY).  All items are optional for anyone that is NOT on a competition team.  Please be EXTRA carfeul if you do decide to order, that you pick the correct store!! There is a dance store that has dance logos on each item and a cheer store that has the cheer logo on each item.  If you order from the wrong store, there are no refunds or exchanges.  These items are custom and cannot be returned.  

Cheer Store-

Dance Store-


I am always happy to help answer questions that you might have if you are unable to find it ont he app or in your billing simulator.  My email is [email protected] and my phone number is (435) 559-1510.  Please check the other sources before contacting me, as many times the answers are already there.  If not, feel free to contact me :) 

Sizing for costumes and uniforms will take place the first and second weeks of class.  

We look forward to a great year!

Jeanine and Staff

The Point Dance Studio & Elite Cheer Athletics