September Reminders

Jeanine Nielson

Just a few reminders for September:

*No classes on Labor day- that is why we started In August so we could get ahead of the Holidays that are coming up :)

* Anyone may participate in the Fundraiser to earn money towards costumes/uniforms and tuition.  All Online orders will close on Sept. 14th.  All paper orders are due to the studio (their teacher) no later than 6pm on Sept. 14th.  NO LATE ODERS will be accepted.  

* Sept. 23rd is the SUU Homecoming Parade- We will be participating this year!  Becuase our Studio T-shirts will not be finished that early, the kids can either wear their studio T shirts from last year or all black t-shirts, every cheerleader should wear black booty shorts, and every dancer should wear black leggings. Please wear either black or white sneakers.  Do not wear cheer shoes if you are a cheerleader or they will be ruined.  A cheap 10$ pair from walmart would be fine. If you are a cheerleader and have a bow from last year, please wear it. Everyone should wear a high, curly ponytail for the parade.  It gets hot!

Competition Cheer and Dance Teams will have their studio T-shirts to wear for the parade as theirs are already in production or have been given to them.

For cheerleaders:  All Black Team members will be Cheering/walking in the parade, Purple Team girls have the choice to cheer or ride.  All Silver Team girls have the choice to come over to participate in that or not and can choose to walk/cheer or ride.

All Jr. Spirit team members will walk/cheer and all mini spirit team members will ride.  

All tumbling students can ride and the older girls can either hold the banner or throw candy 

All Dance students:  Anyone in 2nd grade or younger will be riding, Anyone in the 3rd grade or older class will learn a routine in their class to do.  This is not required for anyone, it is an optional activity to participate in.  More info will follow by email about details where to meet,etc...

All costumes will be billed to your accounts this month, they are due on October 10th.  Please plan accordingly, anything not paid for by the 20th of October will receive the 29% interest rate from my credit card.  

You should be able to view your child's costume in the app once they are put in the system. 

There are no other holidays to be aware of in Sept.  We look forward to an amazing year with these kids!  

Please remember to look for any and all information for this year including recital dates and days that we don't have classes in the News tab and the Events Tab in your sportsengine app! :)

Jeanine Nielson and staff