The Point Dance Studio

The Point Dance Studio: Here we focus on helping children reach their full dance potential by focusing on proper technique in each style of dance. We pride ourselves in having a wide range of staff members that specialize in their style of dance.  Our studio has a family-like atmosphere where children of all ages can come and feel welcome to explore any type of dance they choose.  We offer a large variety of classes in many different styles of dance and tumbling. Learning proper technique in all of these areas is our focus, we want class to be a safe space to help children gain confidence and succeed in dance.

We have created an atmosphere where children are able to talk with their teachers, have an important place in each class and are welcome to share their ideas.  Classes begin on time, and are structured  with a stretching period, technique time, and a time to learn routines.  Our goal is to have children feel welcome and loved as share our love of dance with them. 

Our student's costumes and their choreography is always age appropriate. 

We offer combo classes that perform but do not compete, specialized classes such as Hip Hop, Musical Theatre, Tap, Modern, Ballet, Tumbling and Adult classes.  

Students are also able to choose to try out for our performance teamsat the age of 5 or older, where they are introduced to competitions, solos and local performances.  In Company Dance teams, they perform and compete more often and are required to take ballet technique, jazz technique and their Company Team class.  They are required to attend 3.23 hrs -4 hours (depending on their age) of classes each week to maintain their spot on their team.

We attend a moderate amount of competitions each year to gain the competing experience.  We are not focused on just competing and winning, but gaining valuable performing experience.  We are the “Happy medium”, where dance can be a large part of life, while still leaving room for other important things as well.

Our Company Teams are more focused on performance/competition  excellence and training for High School and Collegiate dance teams. We are structured and company dance team members/parents are required to be in contract to finish out each season they audition for.  YOUR CHILD IS NOT JUST A NUMBER WITH US!  Our classes give you a variety of options to choose from.  We hope you will come join our “dance family”  and let us be a part of your child’s life for many years to come.


We have a full leveled tumbling program that feeds into our dance program as well.  This helps our dancers be able to add tumbling/acro skills to their routines for added interest and variety.  






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