Ballroom: Focusing on the different styles of ballroom dance. Latin Stylesa and American Style


Classical ballet: Ballet classes are available for the beginning dancer to the advanced dancer.  Proper ballet technique, barre work, center floor, across the floor and ballet combinations.  Must wear a Leotard with tights or booty shorts (no leggings) with hair pulled back in a bun. Pink ballet shoes are required, tights are optional during class, but needed for performances. All ballet classes will perform at recitals – Costumes are purchased for this class. We have a highly qualified and trained ballet teaching staff.  This is where the good dancer becomes a great dancer!

Combo Classes: These are Performance classes only. A costume and dance shoes are required and used for performances throughout the dance year including recitals. Dancers will learn Jazz, Hip Hop & Lyrical throughout the year.  Dancers focus on flexibility, jazz & ballet positions and terms, splits, kicks, leaps, jazz and ballet turns, formations, working with others & age appropriate routines. As they progress, their knowledge of technical terms and movements increases in preparation for Performance Companies. Performance skills become more of a focus now. These Combo classes will perform, but not compete during the dance year.
Contemporary/Modern:  A more relaxed, freestyle of dance where the choreography uses emotions and music to dictate the dancers’ movements.  Dancers learn to move their bodies in a less restrictive way than in other dance classes.   Form-fitting dancewear
required and bare feet.
Flexibility:  This class is designed to work on additional flexibility using therabands and blocks for splits, back flexibility, and all over core strength. 
Hip Hop: While taught in each of our Combo classes and in our Performance Company Teams as part of the class curriculum along with Jazz and Lyrical. Hip Hop classes are also offered separately. All Hip Hop classes are performance classes that require a costume/shoes.  
Jazz Technique: is a non- performance class (no costumes needed) where we work on jazz turns, ballet turns, leaps, jumps, a wide variety of combinations,  flexibility and overall dance technique. Students that are on a Company  are required to take a jazz technique class as part of their weekly curriculum.  This class is not limited to Company dancers, however.  Participants need to wear all black and have their hair pulled back.  Turners (shoes) are suggested.
Performance Companies: Tryout auditions are held each August for dancers 5 years and older that want to perform and compete (3-4 competitions).  Performance Company is for the dedicated dancer who wants to spend more time in the studio.   A minimum of 4 hours per week required- 1.5 hours company class, 1.25 jazz technique & 1.25 hours ballet.  Optional classes are also available.
Company dancers: compete at 3 competitions each Spring as well as several performances during the year.  Dancers compete Hip Hop, Jazz, Lyrical and an All- Company Routine each year. Proper Ballet and Jazz technique are emphasized and advanced turns, leaps, jumps, kicks and flexibility are required.  Students are encouraged to do solos if desired. Required team practice outfit and team Jacket. Costumes required for each style of dance we do on Company. A minimum of 3 hours per week of summer classes are required once you are on a Company.
Pointe: Instructor permission and toe shoes required.  High intensity/advanced ballet class done on Pointe.
Preschool Dance Class: Focus is on ballet positions, beginning turns, jumps and kicks, basic stretching, working with others and age appropriate routines and costumes.  Some free movement in each class time.  Structured yet fun.
Tap: Focus on basic tap technique and rhythms. Tap dance is an example of a non-partnered dance that is rhythmical in nature. Tap dance is often characterized by syncopation and improvisation.
Tiny Twos Dance Class: your dancer’s very first introduction to basic dance steps, rhythm, free movement and ballet positions.  We use props and learn to work with others in this class. This class is 45 min long and is filled with fun for your little ones that just love to move to music.  This class helps them get comfortable with the classroom, structure and working with others.  $20.00 per month- no additional discounts apply to this class, please.
Parents are allowed in class for this class. 
Musical Theatre: Focus on Dance Performance, light singing, acting and dancing.  For those interested in the performing arts and not just dance.