Level One Tumbling

This class is specifically designed to those coming in ready to learn the basics and to receive

a solid foundation of technique! In this class the students will be taught the following:

  • Headstands
  • Handstands
  • Forward and Backward rolls
  • Placement of hands and feet for cartwheels, round offs, etc.
  • Hurdles for round offs
  • Backbend training
  • Cartwheels- both left and right


Level Two Tumbling

This tumbling training for those that know the basics, but working on technique,

repetition, and solidifying the skills.

  • Straddle Rolls- Front and Back
  • One-handed Cartwheels
  • Round offs
  • Round off rebounds
  • Lunge Handstands
  • Handstand Forward rolls
  • Back bend kicks
  • Handstand Bridges
  • Back walk overs
  • Front walk overs



Level Three Tumbling

This level is specifically designed for those moving on from basics. We offer a range of skills to advance any

tumbler as well as be specific enough to help the class as a whole.

  • Back walkovers
  • Round off rebounds
  • Standing Back handspring basics
  • Round off Back handsprings
  • Aerials Left and Right
  • Straddle Handstand
  • Handstand Forward Rolls
  • Windmill back walkovers
  • Straddle handstands
  • Dive Rolls
  • Back Extension Roll
  • Running Walkover


Level Four Tumbling

This class is for combining multiple skills together and perfecting technique.

  • Multiple Aerials & Aerial Variations
  • Running Round off Back handsprings
  • Windmill back walkovers
  • Straddle handstands
  • Multiple Aerial
  • Standing tuck basics
  • Standing 2 back handsprings
  • BHS Step Out
  • Cartwheel BHS / Cartwheel BHS Step Out
  • Cartwheel Back Walkover
  • Cartwheel Back Walkover BHS


Level Five Tumbling

This is our most advanced class. It is for strong athletes that are ready to take on a

challenge and advance!

  • Standing tucks
  • Running Tucks (round off &handspring)
  • Standing Back Handspring Back Tuck
  • Round off Layouts
  • Round off Pike
  • Round off handspring layout
  • Round of Layout
  • Standing handspring to layout
  • Round of BHS Back Tuck
  • Running Full twisting layout drills
  • Running Full twisting layout
  • Standing Full twisting layout
  • Running Tuck basics after standing tuck is mastered
  • Lay out drills
  • Punch Front Tuck
  • Front Aerial
  • Round Off BHS Series