Elite Cheer Athletics:


Spirit Cheer Teams (Non-competitive teams):

Practice one day per week- 1.5 hours for ages 8 and older and 1 hour for ages 4-7. Tumbling class is not required for non-competitive teams but is highly recommended.

  • Perform at our Christmas Recital as well as our Cheer Showcase in the Spring! Each team will have the opportunity to bring at least 1 show routine as well as multiple cheers and side line style dances to the studio performances. Although our non-competitive teams will not be performing around the community, they will be learning more material throughout the cheer season and will perform more at the studio recitals.
  • As members of the Utah High School Prep Association, all athletes (competitive and non-competitive) will follow our Stunt Progression Chart. This means that every athlete will have to pass off each skill in order to move on to more difficult stunts. The Stunt Progression Chart will ensure that every athlete being coached in our program will have a knowledge of correct stunting technique and safety will continue to be our number one priority!

Our non-competitive teams focus on proper technique and safety in basic stunts and tumbling, cheer motions and jumps, sideline dance and crowd involvement. An emphasis is placed on safety and building a solid understanding of cheerleading as athletes progress. The goal of our non-competitive cheer and technique class is to prepare athletes to join one of our competitive teams!

These changes are going to ensure the safety of all of our athletes and will build stronger athletes individually. They will be able to focus on the basics of cheerleading and build their technique and knowledge.



Competition Cheer Teams:


Athletes will learn new and innovative stunts, tumbling, jumps, pom and sign work, sideline cheers, dance and how lead and entertain a crowd! Our new program will help bridge the gap from youth athlete to high school athlete.

At Elite, we strive to give athletes a positive environment where they feel comfortable and can do their best. We encourage respect, commitment and confidence in each athlete our staff interacts with. We help each athlete succeed through teamwork, goal setting and sportsmanship by encouragement and determination.

Utah High School Prep Cheer is a competitive sport that performs with an emphasis on crowd leading. Teams are made up of athletes that perform a routine for a panel of judges to be scored against other competitive teams. The routine is made up of stunts and pyramids, jumps, tumbling, cheer/crowd leading and dance sections.

Teams are divided by age and skill level. There is a team for everyone; any age, skill level- no experience required!

Competition Team members are required to take a tumbling class in addition to their comp cheer team which meets twice a week for 1.5-2 hours each practice (depending upon age/team).

Utah High School Prep was created for young athletes to train and prepare to compete at the high school level. NFHS rules and regulations are followed maintaining safety guidelines to provide the safest possible environment for athletes to train and compete. The goal of Utah High School Prep is to produce quality cheer competitions for young athletes. The focus of the competitions will be on the athletes and their best interests. Quality judging, safety enforcement, and a good educational experience will be the essence of our events.

Competition Teams try out in June of each year and are in contract through the following May as members of their team.  They compete and perform through the state and locally.  Competition team members practce anywhere from 2.5hrs. per week up to 4 hours per week and they are required to take a leveled tumbling class.