Shoes Information and What to Wear to classes

Jeanine Nielson

Cedar City-

We do have a studio wide policy that all students and staff cover their stomach during classes. Please be sure so purchase dance clothing that will help us maintain this policy.  

**Fall 2023-24 Classes begin on Aug. 28th!
**Aug. 16th, 6-7pm- SHOE DAY- For anyone needing pink ballet shoes for ballet classes, Tiny 2's and Preschool dance classes we will have shoe sizing/ordering day at the dance studio (suite #4) 
You can pick up fundraiser packets at shoe day as well.  This is for any student at the studio/gym.  Anything raised goes directly to the student's account. 
**All other jazz, modern, KLT classes you can order your dance shoes from Amazon or discount dance.  Here is are some links with the type of shoe they will need.   Please be sure to get tan, leather turners. (Not pink and Not Canvas)
Adult sizes :
Child Sizes:
**Cheer shoes for spirit cheer teams are found on this site.  They must be the Chasse Ace II in all white.
These run about a size to a size and a half small so order bigger than regular shoe size. 
Competition Cheer Teams should have these shoes for this season:
Tap Shoes: Tap shoes should be black and similar to these for both child and adults. 

Youth tap shoes:

Adult Tap shoes:


We have a studio policy to please cover up your stomach while in class!  We prefer to just focus on dance, cheer and tumbling and not comparing our bodies to other students.  

Tiny Twos and Preschool Dance classes: Pink ballet shoes are required.  Any dance or athletic outfit is fine for this class.  Please nothing big and baggy.

Tap classes: the shoe ordering information is on the shoe blog.  Form fitting dance clothing should be worn in tap class.  Please order black tap shoes ASAP so your child has them for classes once they begin.

Flexibility class:  Form fitting Clothing. Stretching blocks are required for this class:


Modern/Contemporary classes: Turners or bare feet. Form fitting dancewear should be worn, nothing big and baggy.

Ballet Classes: All dancers need pink ballet shoes (please order from the studio as colors vary), any color of leotard is allowed for ballet dancers.  Nothing big or baggy! Leotards are required, you may wear tights or booty shorts with the leotard.  No leggings.  Hair up in a bun. 

Hip Hop classes: Baggy, clothing that you can move in is appropriate for this class.  All dancewear is acceptable as well.  Sneakers need to be worn in class.  We will be ordering hip hop shoes to go with our costumes for the year, that information will be updated here. 

Jazz classes: Students should wear form fitting dance/athletic wear.  nothing big and baggy

Cheer classes- Form fitting athleticwear that students can move in.  No jewelry! Hair must be pulled back into a pony tail. Competition Team should wear all black. 

Tumbling classes:  Form fitting athleticwear that students can move in. Absolutely nothing big and baggy and no street clothing should be worn.  No levis ever. Hair should be up and out of the way.